Sunday, May 29, 2011

Disney World

Aren't these so cute! Man.....Disney can do really cute and inspirational things can't they! I didn't even know they could actually write things on these hats, I thought they could just write names! This is my favorite saying....and I can have it on a cute Disney hat! Best of both worlds! ( Ceci....this was for you!) The Minnie Mouse was just soooo cute I couldn't resist buying it! My Disney World trip has been so fun! It's nice not having to worry about doctors appointments for a whole week and a half! Well it's getting late here, so I got to go.....Bye!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Schools out!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone! Guess what.... I only have about nine more days of school! Whoooooooo! My end of the year was ruined though, because we have finals the last week! What kind of "have fun" last week is that? Ha ha. Anyway, I'm so glad its almost summer. This year has been a tough one. Going through everything has just been really hard on me and effecting my school work! I haven't exactly been able to enjoy being a "7vy"! I don't even know how many days I've missed! Oh well... right!?
Guess whattttttt............................... I'm going to DISNEY WORLD! Whoooooooo! I'm going the last week of school after finals! I guess that makes the last week a lot better! I'm so excited. I think I really need this trip, to forget everything I've been through and just have a blast with my fam. Unlike going to Cincinnati, I actually get to enjoy this trip without any needles involved... that is unless I get sick! I'm kind of angry though, my mom said I might need to get a wheel chair or a moving chair to get around in Disney World because of my health and joint pain! Ummm, absolutely not....I'll look like an old lady!
OK..enough with school! since I've last wrote my blog, I've started my new IVIG treatment. It went, surprisingly really well! There was hardly any pain! That was really nice, especially because the Subq infusions were the most painful things I have ever been through! And with the IV, I only have to do it once a month instead of every week! That makes it even better! Next week is my next IVIG infusion.