Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Long Road Ahead

     Hello everyone, it has been so long since I have posted anything, it feels like every time I think to write a blog post, the same things are happening every month. So, it's kind of hard for me to write the same stuff over and over again, it gets really old! But, these past two months have been quite eventful...I must say! From school finishing, hospital visits, and Miss Arizona pageants, it has been a very eventful summer to say the least!
     My hospital visit was a very scary time. It all started on the last day of school, which was a Thursday, and my foot started hurting. I kind of shrugged it off, but then it progressively got worse. It actually felt like it was broken, but I could think of nothing I did to injure it! Then on that Saturday night, I was getting my IVIG, and started feeling really crummy! I couldn't walk on my foot at all, and by the time I was finished with the treatment...My temperature sky rocketed to 104, and my heart rate progressively increased. My mom rushed me to the E.R. and it was an absolute terrible experience. I felt horrible, then the inexperienced E.R nurses "attempted" to access my port, but it didn't work! They missed four times, so by then I told them to just put a stinking IV in my hand, because I was so sick of those nurses hurting the crap out of me! But then things started to lighten up, because the IV team came and successfully accessed my port, then they got the antibiotics in me, then got me up to the seventh floor( hematology/oncology). After an MRI, blood cultures, and blood tests... they figured out that I had MRSA in my blood stream and in my foot. The foot infection was actually called Osteomylitis, which is a deep bone infection. After a week in the hospital, they took me off a bunch of antibiotics, and sent me home with only one, but it was a six week course of the antibiotic at home. Three weeks IV antibiotics every six hours then three weeks of oral antibiotics...which i just started. Things haven't been perfect, but they have improved. I received many visits from people and I am so grateful to have such awesome friends. Justin Beiber even paid a visit for the week! Then last week, I went in for a blood transfusion, but I felt miserable. I was throwing up and all that yucky stuff. They called it C-Diff. Which is an infection in my intestines. So, they started me on another antibiotic, and it seems to be helping. Also, my iron levels have elevated, so they started me on Exjade, which is an iron chelator. A lot of things have been happening, and you probably have heard all of this from my Caring bridge site, but I thought I'd give it in my perspective. It's only the beginning of a long road ahead of me! I sometimes feel myself getting very angry, and just frustrated at life; like when is this going to be over. But, I still have a long road, and I'll try to think of all the positives.

     I have had a very hard time deciding where i am going to go to High School, but after a lot of praying, I found my answer, and I am comfortable with that decision. It will be a very hard year trying to cope with school and the health stuff, but hopefully it will be a fun year, and I will have a good time as a freshman. So much has happened this summer it has kind of been a whirlwind, but I thank you all for the continued prayers, notes, and well wishes. It really has helped me through all this. The only thing I am wondering is why this always happens in summer and never while were in school! Dang it! Ha ha!

Miss Arizona pageant with Elizabeth,
 Kate, and Kaitlyn!
     We have done some fun things this summer, like mall trips, the movies, out to dinner, dance recitals, and the Miss Arizona pageant with the cutest girls ever! I wish though we were going some where, it would be really nice to escape this place for a couple of days, and just let loose and have a great time. I somewhat feel like I have been trapped here for so long, and just need to get away, but oh well, things will have to wait!:)

     I also wanted to mention that our blood drive is coming up in the 14 of July! We have twice as many spots as last drive, but they are not filling up very fast, and we are getting closer and closer to the drive. Please we need people to sign up, you would literally be saving someones life...just consider it! If you would like to sign up, just email my mom at and she can sign you up!

    Again, thank you all so much for the continued support and prayers, I love you all so much and appreciate everything!

These are some of the meds I'm on! Woo!
Visiting Little Maddie in the Hospital!
Fun Hopekids event at the D-Backs game with Jagen
and my brother and sister!
Kaylie and the family came to visit!
JB is in a lot of the pics!!!
Madi and lee came and brought
Cafe Rio and we had a great time
playing headbands!
Elizabeth, Kate, and madi came for a visit!
 They are the ones who brought JB! haha!
Some of my best friends came to see me! I have
great support!
Hospital visit from Madi Jobe!