Thursday, June 30, 2011

A very long journey

This past month has been a fun but difficult one. Everything that is going on, hasn't completely sunk in yet. I've been back and forth to different doctors trying a different sport...diving, and just praying that my medical mysteries can be over! Through going to different doctors, I've found out some sad news. I really don't like being sad for myself, but I really am. My doctor's told me that I won't be able to return to gymnastics because of my arm and for my physical well being. I loved gymnastics so much, like after a long day I could look forward to going to see my coaches and friends at gym. It was a refuge for me. But... since I can't do gymnastics any more, I've decided to try diving. It's been a blast, and I love it! Also, this past month I've been to my Hemoc doctor a few times. My blood counts have continually been dropping, so they are thinking of another possible bone marrow biopsy right before school! That really overwhelmed me. That is like in four weeks!( I really can't believe how fast this summer has gone by!) Even though I've had the biopsy before, it's still a very scary thing to me!
This past week has also been very hard. I've been sick for the whole week! I don't even have the strength to get up to get a drink of water or to go swimming in my own back yard!I'm so ready for all of this to end. I guess all that I can do is make the best of my situations, and keep moving forward with all of this. Life is short, and whenever we have the opportunity to change someone's life, we should take all of those opportunities!