Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Road Not Taken

Over the past couple of weeks a lot of things have happened. I've had many infections, many, many doctors appointments, and school has started.

Today was my second Red Blood Cell blood transfusion. Everything went well, but as of right now I still feel a little awkward. Just seeing that blood makes me queasy! HaHa! (And I want to be a nurse!) Anyway, I've been to clinic twice in one week, to try to clear up my sinus infection. We decided to move forward with a treatment plan. The options were either months of steroids or monthly blood transfusions. My mom and I both knew the side effects of steroids, and we decided that I probably wouldn't be comfortable with that. I don't really need one more thing on my plate. So we decided to go ahead with the monthly blood transfusions. The only bad thing about that is there is the risk of iron overload. But, we thought this would be the better option for my own well being. Today before the transfusion they gave be benadryle through my IV, which was a good thing because I got to sleep for about three hours. Also, some of of my favorite people brought me Cafe Rio...My fav!
Guess what... I'm getting a port! My veins have officially given out....They are TERRIBLE! They keep giving out, so that port will be very nice! What they have to do is surgically put it in. It will be a little bump under my skin and that is where they will poke to get IVs in, blood draws, everything. It will be so nice! I will receive it on September the 7th. need to DONATE, DONATE, DONATE blood. You never know, it could be helping me or some of my friends at PCH. Thank you to whoever donates... It means the world!
I will continue my IVIG treatments and regular clinic visits.

Well school has started, and can I jut say that it's been a rough start. I have already missed about a week and its only been two weeks since I've started. It's been very stressful, but I try my hardest to be there as much as possible. My parents have been very supportive. We have tried to arrange a plan for me so that I can have a good year. One of the options was to just do my core classes and only half day. I wouldn't have to do my electives or P.E. I am totally open to this, and hopefully it could make my year a little less stressful.

I have taken the unexpected roads, and I will continue to move on. All I can do is keep a positive attitude and just Keep on Climbing!

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