Friday, March 16, 2012

Kinny's Kause

     Many thoughts are running through my mind as I write this. Frustration, sadness, happiness... I went to the mall today with my sister, and to the movies with my mom, brother, and sister, hoping to have a good time, and trying to get out of the house on my spring break.  I walk around limping because my knees are killing me, my spine and back constantly aching, my head raging. It's very frustrating, It's starting to get on my nerves. But, as I'm trying to push through, thoughts of all my little friends, which by the way are five and under, who are dealing and battling with cancer, an absolute awful disease, I realize it could be WAY worse. One word that I now have is gratefulness. Ya, I may be in pain, and I may have an awful disease, that is little by little taking over my body, but I could have it way worse. Way worse. I'm not at home every day, fighting for my life. I GET, yes I said GET to go to school, go to the mall, go hang out with friends. I realize I am very, very lucky. I may not have it perfect, but again it could be Way worse.

     Yesterday, I went to clinic to have another transfusion. I slept most of the time, which was very nice, so my mom went to get me my favorite meal, Cafe Rio, and a Circle K drink. It was a very nice surprise. When I woke up, my mom was chatting with a mom,  her little boy, Jack, who is again five, has ALL, Leukemia. I woke up to his screaming, as the nurse tried to deaccess his port. It made me so sad. He also wanted Fun Dip! Ha ha! Again it could be way worse!

     A little over a week ago, I met my transplant doctor. When she walked into the room, all the scared and unsettling feelings that I felt, went away. The most calming, warm feeling came over me. As the doctor started to explain everything that would be going on if I were to have a transplant, she explained that I would be in the hospital for a long time, not be able to go anywhere for about a whole year, doing chemo, which would make my hair fall out, and probably be infertile. All of these things totally scared me, but I had a calmness there too. This could potentially save my life, and cure me of this awful disease. She told me, she doesn't care about my mom, she would take me over and be my mom for a whole year! Ha ha! This made me feel really good! The next step, is finding, and testing my siblings out to see if they are a match and be my possible Bone Marrow donor. So, please pray one of my siblings are a match. We are still trying to find out when we will go back to the NIH.

     My next blood drive is April 28th, and we will have Be The Match there, so that you can possibly save someones life. All you have to do is swab your cheeks and be willing in the future to donate your bone marrow to someone in need! This is so important, so is donating blood. We have come up with a very important cause called, Kinny's Kause. We are promoting awareness about donating blood, and bone marrow donors. We need every ones help. This involves simply donating blood and being swabbed to become a potential bone marrow match! The drive will be held at my church building. Go to Caring and type in Mckindreepatton in the space provided, my mom gave all the details on the caring bridge page! Please, you literally could save someones life!

     Please keep continually praying for me and all of the sick kiddos. They really could use a little extra something to keep them going. They need all the help they can get!
     With love, Kinny