Thursday, February 23, 2012

I can do hard things!

     There is not much to report as far as my health goes. I haven't wrote on here for a while, but i have received two more transfusions since the last post. That I think makes my ninth transfusion. My Iron levels are elevating each transfusion, and once it gets to about 1000, I have to start iron chelation. This gets rid of all the extra iron, that my body doesn't need. Iron Chelation is very important if you are transfusion dependant like me! Having to much iron can be a silent killer, so the chelation is very important.
     A boy about 12 or 13, recently passed away from DBA. He is a resident in Mesa. His family hasn't been able to put him to rest yet, because of money. They are trying to have fundraisers to try and help his family. My family is trying to help with a fundraiser, so I'll post when I get the info. The family is very sad, so pray for them, please!!! Heavenly Father has a wonderful plan, and he knows what our life is going to be like, everything happens for a reason. He doesn't give us hard things for nothing, he knows we can get through it, he knows we can do hard things!
     Also, we will be meeting with the transplant team, sometime soon! I know many of you already pray for me, but keep praying, and pray that one of my siblings will be a match, so that if ever in need of a transplant, one of my siblings can be a match! This would mean a lot! We are also, discussing going back to the NIH( National Institute of Health), back in Maryland. They know a lot about DBA, and would be a great addition to my medical team, and a great resource to have. One of my cute friends Maddie, is in need of a Bone Marrow Transplant, she also has DBA! You can sign up to donate, and be a possible match for someone in need! It is so easy! Just go to, and register.
     I have started up diving again. I absolutely love it! It feels good to be active again. It is so hard on my body though, which is very upsetting, because I was a high level gymnast, and could do anything. Nope, not anymore!!!! But, I believe in myself, and so does everyone else! "I can do hard things".
     I am having another blood drive on April 28th. I will post more information once I get it! BeTheMatch will be there for bone marrow swabbing, so you can do that too! You never know, you could potentially save someones life!

    OK, so there is a lot to report, but this is my everyday life! Its exhilarating, and sometimes scary, everyday is a new day. We just have to always remember, WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!